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Timberknolls Spirit Cove, Inc.

Creating Hope and Healing Through Pet Therapy

https://newfietherapy.org/ Tax ID 83-2424185

TimberKnoll's Spirit Cove is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization committed to helping veterans, first responders, military families and children or adults who are battling illness or overcoming trauma with the help of our Newfoundland dogs. These massively breathtaking dogs are all trained in obedience and are of the gentle nature to bring joy and healing to those who could benefit from their uplifting and affectionate natures.

In a unique pay it forward program that also offers healing, emotional support & companionship. TimberKnoll's Spirit Cove will help identify rescued Newfoundlands and partner them with veterans and first Responders in not only new forever homes but enlisting their committment as new therapy teams. We'll provide training for Pet Therapy so that the veteran or 1st responder can become registered therapy teams themselves, so that they may volunteer to support others who need emotional support or stress relief. Passing forward the gift of healing.  

Training in water rescue activities will also be provided to these new therapy teams to help them continue the bonding process and to introduce new handlers to a larger community of service oriented individuals. These activities will help reduce isolation, stress, anxiety and depression.

We are working towards building a small ranch that will be based in the Raleigh, NC area. The goal of this ranch is to provide pet therapy support through day programs with special day retreats offered to families of deployed service members, giving those that support the ones who serve, a serene environment where they will be able to find joy, stress relief and emotional healing by spending time with the therapy dog team.  

A team of Gypsy Vanner horses will also be joining the ranch at TimberKnoll's Spirit Cove. These breathtaking horses have gentle & loving spirits. They are unflappable and kind. Sometimes all it takes is a look in the eyes of a gentle animal's soul to believe anything is possible.

Please consider making a donation to help support this precious mission. 

Donations can be made electronically as one time or monthly gifts basis or if you prefer to donate by check you can make the check payable to: TimberKnolls Spirit Cove and mail it to: 2520 Orangewood Lane, Dandridge, TN 37725

All donations are tax deductible