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Three Oaks Spokes Bicycle Club

The Three Oaks Spokes Bicycle Club is a non-profit bicycle touring club formed in 1974 for the purpose of promoting recreational cycling in Southwest Michigan & Northwest Indiana.


The club organizes a number of rides and activities throughout the cycling season. Most are designed around food; you could say that we "ride to eat" more than we "eat to ride". The club also plans tours on area bike trails, and celebrates Memorial Day with a picnic. The club rides vary in length from 15 to 40 miles, and are suited for participation by all members. We don't have races or competitions, we are out to enjoy ourselves! The Three Oaks Spokes Bicycle Club is the sponsor of the Apple Cider Century, and our members perform most of the duties associated with making the tour work. Members are expected to volunteer for the ACC weekend, for which they are amply rewarded by the fun the club has all summer! A clubhouse was built for the members, allowing us to relax and socialize before and after club rides. Funds raised by bicycle club are used to promote cycling in the area and for upkeep to the Backroads Bikeways.