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This guy truely deserves a break

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I am the founder of a car buying facility called QuickCashForCars.NET

A very young gentleman called me this Sunday wanting to sell his car that was about to die. He explained to me his situation, and said he needed money TODAY but he was 40 miles away. I was very upfront with him and explained that a salvage yard local to him would probably give him twice what we would be able to offer if he were to wait until tomorrow..

He insisted that he would be willing to drive it to me & told me that he needed the money to buy some food for his son. Me being skeptical, I went ahead and agreed to have him drive the car 40 miles to our facility (after hours) to buy his car...

5 hours later, after he ran out of gas twice getting here, I finally met him & I paid him for the car. His friend following him to take him back also ran out of gas down the road...

As I drove him back to his friend I asked him why he needed to sell his car so fast and he said he's never been laid off before and needed money because his son hasn't had a meal in two days. I suggested that he temporarily apply for food stamps and he said that he hasn't been able to bring himself to do that yet.

I can read people very well, and I know that he is a sober and genuine guy. He sent me a text later in the night that he forgot some papers in the glove compartment along with an extra thank you. I said I would mail the stuff back, but it turns out he doesn't have a permanent address either.

I want to raise $2,600 for him broken down as follows:

-$1,000 for first month rent + deposit to get a home.
-$100 for 1 month of food for him and his son
-$1,500 to buy a decent running car



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