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The Village Birth Education Center

Educating birthing parents about childbirth and connecting them to the best resources for evidence-based, respectful pre- and post-natal care.


The Village began as a group of mamas looking for community. Supporting one another through life’s many challenges, we began to see the need for a broader effort—for better education, for better community, for support that went beyond the internet and became reality. Six of these women have been working as our core formation team, and will serve terms on our initial board.

Our ultimate goal is to create a central point of connection between families and evidence-based resources for pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, and parenting. Care and education for this period of life is often piecemeal—families are forced to scramble for resources, pulling a birthing class here, possibly some postpartum support that lasts a few weeks there. We hope to provide a uniquely comprehensive and continuous model of client care, wherein families are taken from the first stage--pregnancy test or adoption decision--and through into their parenting journey.

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