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The Sacred Fire Foundation Inc

We honor the wisdom of Indigenous worldview.

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Our mission is to ensure the continuance of Indigenous wisdom traditions and to expand awareness of how and why these worldviews and their embodied values are crucial to modern society.

We honor the wisdom of Indigenous worldview and believe all life can flourish when humanity embraces our responsibility to care for the living world for the benefit of unborn generations.

For countless generations, human beings lived in relationship with the natural world, guided by their deep connection to the earth and cosmos and the wisdom passed on through their traditions by Elders. This ability to listen, connect, respect and honor all life as sacred is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago,

Modern society has moved away from this way of living and we all sense the damage it has caused. The feelings of loneliness and disconnection, the collapse of ecosystems and the unraveling of culture and social structure are the price paid. Now is the time to embrace the wisdom and values that guided and sustained peoples on this earth for eons. By doing so, we can experience the world as alive and sacred, and create lives of deep meaning and purpose.

Our Values:

Responsibility - to support the common good, 

Respect - for the earth, one another, all life, 

Relationship - to listen, to understand, to honor diversity, 

Reciprocity - supporting giving and taking in balance, 

Gratitude - to appreciate all that nature gives us