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This organization is an effort to bring survivors out of human trafficking and abuse. By sharing survivor stories to at risk and vulnerable youth and young women, we found that survivors of human trafficking & abuse come forward. As a result we are able tp break the ties with traffickers and create a healthy mentoring relationship with survivors by survivors. Survivors then become thrivers and leaders, helping others to thrive as well.

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A Rescue & Restoration Ministry to Survivors of Human Trafficking & Abuse

The Vision, Mission, and Values:
Vision: To rescue and restore survivors of human trafficking and abuse.

Mission: From survivors to survivors we offer Healing, Opportunity, Purpose and Empowerment. We conduct trainings, outreach (rescue) and mentoring (restoration) to those affected by human trafficking and abuse.

Values:  Christ centered, providing hope & showing unconditional love, collaboration with law enforcement to aid in successful prosecutions, carefully aligned partnerships of integrity, guarding the valued trust of our survivors and building up survivor leaders through our survivor thrivers and survivor mentoring program.