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Help Autism Parents Relax, Relate & Release

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EVENT DATE: Aug 09, 2014

Kat Harrison


It is with great pleasure that we announce our First Annual Free Therapy Workshop Day for Parents of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder/Special Needs in New York City! This event is free to the public and will allow caregivers to take part in a choice of three therapy workshops, a meditation/relaxation session, a yoga session, and enjoy food and refreshments made especially for them by a Chef.

Many of us take “the simple things” for granted. Things like having the ability to take time out for oneself and practicing self care. Instead of having more moments of feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, caregivers are often overwhelmed and tired. On Saturday, August 9, 2014 we will be coordinating a stress free therapy workshop day for parents of individuals with Autism/Special Needs.

About Autism

Autism is neuro-biological condition that generally appears in the first three years of life for a child. Autism affects the typical development of the brain affecting particularly the areas of communication, social interaction, and cognitive function. It is estimated that 1 in 68 children in the US are affected by Autism. Boys are diagnosed with the condition 4 times as often than girls. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability affecting 1.5 million Americans currently.

Community Assistance

The main function of these community events is to create connections for families affected by Autism. Because we are a smaller, community based non-profit, we actually do work with families, and don’t focus on things like research and administrative costs, like many other national organizations do.

About The Tommy Foundation

Founded in 2005 by parents of a child on the autism spectrum, The Tommy Foundation is an emerging voice for the autism movement receiving numerous awards including the Lancaster Red Rose award. Today, the Foundation provides direct assistance to families, as well providing trainings to hundreds of students, professionals, PhD candidates and doctors to date. Serving as producers for the full-length autism documentary “The United States of Autism” they also have thousands of individuals participate in events every year and partner with numerous organizations around the nation to serve their local communities. The Tommy Foundation continually seeks to embrace individuals on the entire autism spectrum, educate families and individuals to handle the condition, and to empower all those who desire to advocate for the autism movement.

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