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Therapeutic Riding Academy of Knoxville-Trak (Trak)

Therapeutic horseback riding and assisted animal therapies

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TRAK  was  founded  in  2004  and initially based  in  Knoxville,  TN.    We  have  relocated  to the  Collegedale area  (above  Chattanooga)  hence  the  name  change from  Therapeutic Riding  academy  of  Knoxville to  Therapeutic Recreation  for  Adults  &  Kids  (still  TRAK).  

Our mission at TRAK is to provide those with a wide range of disabilities with a "whole" treatment of mind, body, and soul through physical, occupational, nutritional, and speech-language therapies provided with therapeutic horseback riding and other animal assisted therapies.  All therapies and counseling are provided with an underlying Christian influence where God can be recognized as our ultimate physician. We are here to fill the commission given to share the good news of the gospel and to heal the sick.