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The Programming Foundation

The Programming Foundation is an online platform where anyone can learn operating systems and computer programming.


Our mission is to encourage the next generation and generations to come to understand, use, and implement computer programming into their knowledge and their lives. The Programming Foundation commits to spreading awareness and education on computer programming and operating systems so that everyone is involved, and no one is left behind while the world advances. Through enhanced curriculum at the K-12 level, we can better prepare younger generations for the continued progress of technology and computer programming. Our goal is for the widespread adoption of new and enhanced curriculum on computer programming and operating systems and for this knowledge to become mainstream in the general population.

Automation is replacing jobs at a fast rate, and education behind that technology needs to ramp up to a similar speed. One way to stay on top of the continued advancements is to educate the general population and the younger generations on computer programming and operating systems. This education will produce a collaborative society that applies their collective knowledge toward technological innovations.

Read our charter at https://www.theprogrammingfoundation.org/charter