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The Performance Project is an arts, intergenerational mentoring, and leadership community with a focus on social justice.

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MISSION:  The Performance Project is an arts community of many ages and ancestries that engages young people in intensive artistic training, inter-generational mentoring, leadership development, and community building through the arts.

FIRST GENERATION: First Generation youth create powerful multi-lingual performances based on their life experiences with a focus on social justice. 

UBUNTU ARTS COMMUNITY: In  Ubuntu, third through seventh graders are mentored by caring high school students, college interns and community members. 

Each day in Ubuntu begins with a Community Circle and homework support. Then the Ubuntu children and their mentors participate in activities. The activities include art, spending time talking, dancing, drumming, playing games, storytelling, karate, and more. The children choose what they want to do. We finish each day with ten minutes of journaling, and a closing Community Circle.