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Last Summer, immigration attorneys from around the country began volunteering in Artesia, NM to help mothers and children who came to the U.S. to seek asylum. Since 2009, the U.S. had been releasing mothers and children to await court hearings, but last Summer, they reversed that policy and reinstated family detention. In the months since, the detention camp at Artesia was closed, but more permanent facilities at Karnes and Dilley, TX and Berks, PA have been filled with mothers and children who are retraumatized by prolonged detention - some for months. As volunteer attorneys have been able to obtain bonds for these asylum seekers, their families and friends in the U.S. have struggled to raise the funds to pay these bonds, preventing these families from being released. Organizations such as RAICES in San Antonio have been generously helping to pay these bonds, and with your help we can pay them back, so that they can continue to do this for others who remain detained. The Paper Airplane Fund will help raise funds to allow RAICES to keep helping our clients. Donors will have the option of being paid back as the family is gradually able to, or you can have your donation roll over to help other families in the same situation. If you are a pro bono attorney contact us to help you start a page. The fund is named for Y-F-R, a 4 year old boy who loves paper airplanes, and who RAICES helped bond out after 358 days in detention.
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