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The New Beginnings Center

Empowering Women in Nashville

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The New Beginnings Center (TNBC) started as a thought of, "what if" in 2010. What if we could create a system of lifestyle coaching that included nutrition, exercise and the actual process of change itself? What if we could provide a health and wellness program like no other that produced REAL and lasting results and offer it to ALL women, regardless of their ability to pay or their background? We wanted ALL women to have access to the best coaching available. Our deepest mission was to empower women to live their best possible life, but the measurable side effects, of keeping our focus on changing from the inside-out, have been remarkable.

The New Beginnings Center’s signature year-long coaching program takes place at TNBC's state-of-the-art workout facility--built in 2013 at 509 Craighead Street in Nashville. Here, women learn what it takes to become healthier and stronger physically, as well as in mind and spirit. The work they shoulder empowers them to take on new challenges and build better futures for themselves and their families. The TNBC program includes strength and conditioning training, nutritional education, and personal empowerment classes that focus on healthy choices for nutrition, activity and exercise, body image, and self-confidence. All classes are conducted under the supervision of highly qualified, certified personal trainers. After the first twelve weeks of the program, coaches continue to monitor TNBC clients’ progress for a year, during which time they attend group classes, implement daily wellness activities, and work in support teams to encourage compliance.  The TNBC program is offered to women through scholarships based on their needs, income level, and willingness to partner with, and commit to, the program. All women complete a TNBC application and are approved by the operations team. TNBC clients are low-income, as measured by HUD housing guidelines. All clients are asked to comply with at least 80 percent of the foundational habits TNBC identifies in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, and self-concept, team-building, and life goals. All graduates are asked to help mentor future clients who come into the program and to provide feedback about the program’s impact on their families and friends. Clients are also asked to provide TNBC with results of medical and prescription improvements at regular intervals so that TNBC can communicate program results to its donors and the public.