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Mind Of A Winner

The Mind of a Winner is Rockland Supporting Rockland

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The Mind Of A Winner is an organization that supports established mentorship programs and provides opportunities to help Rockland County's youth fulfill their dreams. We build connections, bridge pipelines to beneficial resources, and raise capital in order to provide kids with Rockland Legacy scholarships, college visits, field trips to cultural institutions, and direct connections to various industry leaders to shadow them in their workplace and provide a deep dive into their respective fields. We hope to inspire youth from our community to dream, to turn their dream into a goal, to mentor turning their goal into a plan, and to support and celebrate the execution of their plan. Taking a grass roots approach attending high schools creating workshops and seminars that help benefit the most disadvantaged people in our communities. Benefiting their mental health boosting morale. This program serves as a networking opportunity raising social status within the community creating peak experiences that are viewed as personally fulfilling exploring thoughts and ideas while building future leaders.

One Love Culture is more than a Food, Art ,Music festival; It a personal commitment to our hometown Rockland County. It offers a unique blend of marketing media and public relations opportunities. As one of our core values, we are committed to create new jobs, and provide supervised practical experiences in areas such as special event productions and in digital marketing One Love Culture Fest believes in Rockland County, and the future of our youth. The Festival will help produce cultural innovation and create National attention to the area while supporting our community.

We have been approved by USA TODAY Network to compete in A Community Thrives Grant for $100,000, $50,000, $25,000, $15,000, or $10,000. We need your help! Only donations $10 - $10,000 count. Can you help? BONUS! They will give away four $25,000 grants to campaigns that raise the most money through A Community Thrives on CrowdRise in 2019.We need your help to increase our productions and create opportunities for young professionals and continued community programming. THE MIND OF A WINNER IS ROCKLAND SUPPORTING ROCKLAND