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Alternative Arts Project DBA The Lincoln Cheyenne

www.thelincolncheyenne.com Tax ID 45-3766063


Before it was a bargain movie theater, The Lincoln was once a hub of nightlife, art, vibrancy, and connections among the people in the community. Together we can make it that again. We believe that Cheyenne is at the tipping point for becoming a destination for visitors, but more importantly for our youth to want to stay here. With events like the Fridays in The Asher music series and the new direction of the Civic Center, we are on the cusp of a real music scene, but one thing has been missing...the right venue.

Through our 501c-3, The Alternative Arts Project, we have been given the opportunity to make this a reality for Cheyenne, giving us a place for live musical performances in a venue that was MADE for live performances with great acoustics and space to gather with friends.

We will also have the perfect space to re-ignite the original mission of Alternative Arts Project with programs to give teens access to nontraditional arts instruction like guitar and drum lessons. And one of the best parts is that we strive to inspire the next generation by providing a designated number of free tickets to local teens to every show that happens here!

We have a strong dedication and commitment to downtown Cheyenne and making it a vibrant place, full of activity and full of reasons for people to love living here.