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The Jeremy Wilson Foundation 501(c)3 nonprofit musician health and service organization.  Our mission is to support the hard-working musicians of Oregon & Clark County, WA through medical emergencies and other hardships.

The need for our services

Very few relief organizations assist working musicians who, as members of the creative class, are often at high risk of financial distress in times of medical emergencies or other unexpected crises. Often due to a lack of fundamental financial security, stability, and a professional business structure, many artists simply cannot afford basic health care or have little to no savings. Musicians are considered self-employed and do not typically receive employee benefits, so they are twice as likely as the general public to be uninsured*.

The Mission

We are dedicated to providing emergency financial assistance and to improving the overall well-being of individual musicians, industry workers and their families during times of medical or unexpected situational crises.

Through the Musician Health & Services Program we provide financial assistance in two critical ways: 1) social services support to help identify potential sources of local, state and federal aid and navigate the healthcare system, and 2) financial assistance grants to qualified applicants.

Our Story

For more than a decade, the Jeremy Wilson Foundation 501(c)3 (JWF) has been dedicated to improving the overall well-being of local musicians and their families during times of medical crisis.
Singer-songwriter Jeremy Wilson, a lifelong working musician whose bands include the Dharma Bums and Pilot, was inspired to launch the JWF in June 2010 after being diagnosed with a serious congenital heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White. This experience quickly exposed the harsh reality of navigating the healthcare system as an artist and independent contractor, and the need for better access to healthcare in the musical community.

Jeremy was also struck by the incredible outpouring of goodwill and support he received from the friends, fans and family that helped him through four heart surgeries. Jeremy formed the JWF in hopes of replicating this model: uniting fellow musicians and music lovers to help provide critical support to individual musicians and their families when medical crises occur.

This resulted in the JWF’s Musicians’ Emergency Healthcare Program (MEHP), which has provided both financial assistance for qualified recipients and critical consultative support through the JWF volunteer social services team. This social services component, led by a Licensed Master Social Worker, enables JWF to connect those we serve with additional local, state, or federal aid and help them navigate the complex healthcare system. This program has recently been re-launched as the Musician Health & Services Program, allowing us to expand our grants and services under a single holistic point-of-entry and ultimately help more people access the support they need more quickly.

You can also mail a donation made out to Jeremy Wilson Foundation to:

The Jeremy Wilson Foundation

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Portland, OR 97214

Include memo: Musician Health & Services Program

If you are a musician in crisis?  Please visit www.thejwf.org to apply for assistance.

*Musicians Healthcare Survey conducted for the JWF by MDC Research