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Fairfield County's Community Foundation

Supporting Research to Determine the Triggers of Full Term Labor to Evenutally Prevent Preterm Birth. Answers All Families Deserve and Our Premature Babies Desperately Need

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OUR VISION: A world where mothers-to-be are supported with the world’s most up to date science, knowledge and practice.

OUR MISSION: Mobilize caring people and provide catalytic funding to eliminate preterm birth through research that discovers the triggers of labor.

HOW WE GET THERE: We Support transformative research to determine the causes of labor and prevent pre-term births: Through its current partnership with Columbia University Irving Medical Center, The Iris Fund supports the ground-breaking work of Dr. Joy Vink and Dr. Kristen Myers. Their goal is to establish how the human cervix, uterus, and fetal membranes develop in pregnancy and understand how they work together to create the environment required for a successful, healthy pregnancy.

We will monitor progress, ensure key findings are disseminated and engage key players throughout the maternal-newborn health community to build partnerships in support of our mission.