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The Hope Movement

The Hope Movement is not an organization, or a one man show. It is a movement of destined individuals and organizations united as one, dedicating our lives to the rescue and care of children and adults living in desperate need, reaching out to those who are longing for love. A new day has arrived and the Hope Movement is the formation of a generation of transformation.

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To bring glory to God alone through the proclamation of the gospel and Christ-like care to those in need.


The Hope movement is 501 (c)(3) Christian ministry who strives to be an effective mediator between the giving Church and faithful Christian ministries in remote parts of the world. We provide these ministries financial resources for life-transforming programs, projects, and activities. We provide theological and evangelistic development and resources to edify the body of Christ and proclaim the truth of God's Word to the ends of the earth. We provide logistical guidance to develop efficacious Christ-like mission work. We do this in obedience to God's Word, devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and love for our neighbor, all for the glory of God alone.