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It's simple, our military fights for us, we want to fight for them.  The Heroes Campaign didn't start as a charitable campaign at all.  A group of friends decided they wanted to take on completing the one hundred and seventy three CrossFit Hero workouts in a year.  For them, the Hero workouts are notorious for being very difficult both mentally and physically.  They wanted to do these as a way to stay in shape but have always loved doing the Hero workouts.  Doing these workouts in dedication to fallen Heroes always meant something more. Then they decided, as a part of their year long endeavor, they wanted to share their journey and better honor the Heroes by giving back.  The cornerstone of the charity is giving back to the families of fallen Heroes. These families end up bearing the most amount of heartache and suffering both emotionally, physically and financially.  What better way to serve our Heroes than to ensure their families and children are financially stable especially when it comes to education and college funding.

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