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The Healing Kadi Foundation

Providing reliable and sustainable healthcare to the people of South Sudan

https://healingkadi.org/ Tax ID 27-2885617


The Healing Kadi Foundation is a Christian faith-centered organization that works with the people of South Sudan to provide sustainable high quality healthcare, education for local healthcare providers, and psychological and spiritual counseling.

We serve people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and religions. 

We build capacity by educating and transforming local residents into a self-sustaining healthy community. 

We are committed to our mission by meeting the needs of the people through adversity and prosperity. 

We achieve our mission by creating a platform where local professionals can develop their skills, exchange knowledge with colleagues globally, and mentor young talents and future innovators to solve medical challenges in South Sudan. 

We have partnerships with churches.

We share the love of Jesus Christ by actions and words.