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Working Together to End Pet Homeless Since 2000

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The Haven is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, no-kill animal shelter and has been leading the effort to create a 90% save rate for Baldwin County animals since 2000. Founded by local veterinarian Dr. Teresa Marshall, DVM, a focus to help animals heal was implemented as one of the first ways to begin working towards ending pet homelessness in Baldwin County.  

Jasper is just one example of your support making a difference and helping animals heal.  This adoreable black and white pup was at a local shelter with limited resources and even less space. They called us at The Haven to see if we'd give the sweet boy a chance. Of course, we did.

The moment we saw him, we feared the worse. He was lethargic, thin, and obviously very sick. Thanks to our supporter's extraordinary financial support like YOU, we were able to save Jasper's life.  With your donation to help animals like Jasper, you'll continue our ability to respond. I hope we can count on your support today. 

We are grateful to our supporters like you for joining the no-kill movement and donating your time, energy, and money to help more homeless animals have a second chance. Donations today will provide more animals like Jasper with lifesaving medical care, a safe and comfortable place to rest, nutritious food, vaccinations, and love at every turn. 

Thank you in advance for your support!