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The Havayah Centre Inc.

Havayah is an organization actively pursuing the deeper lessons of the Torah - Kabbalah, which we believe is a pathway to the soul, the journey in which you leverage the most ancient teachings of Torah to help you live an infinitely more meaningful life.

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Havayah is a non-profit organization pursuing deeper lessons of Torah - Kabbalah, which we see as a pathway to the soul. We welcome people of all faiths and religions. We accomplish our mission with spiritual teaching, providing self-awareness & tools of self-healing, with courses on healthy living, love & relationships, parenting, spirituality in business, etc. We focus on healing within: how to identify stress/emotions & calm the mind without drugs/medicine - a spiritual approach. Leveraging the most ancient teachings in the Torah to help you live an infinitely more meaningful life: To help you be present in the here and now and active in the journey of your life.

We developed and implemented programs with the Northwell staff in the areas of PTSD for veterans and law enforcement, as well as working with Northwell to deal with the opioid abuse epidemic by visiting them at their local facilities. We also offer additional courses such as applying spirituality in business for entrepreneurs and for employees. We extend an invitation to local senior care organizations to visit us and break up their routines and provide inspiration and a positive outlook for them.