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The Hannon Foundation

Help Someone If You Can

https://www.thehannonfoundation.org/ Tax ID 81-2152385


A local 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Hannon Foundation Inc. was formed to assist families in eastern Massachusetts who are in financial crisis due to a parent’s loss of employment, or a family member’s medical condition. Our goal and our mission is to help our community one family at a time.

Our 2015 golf tournament was the inspiration for creating the foundation. The tournament was held in support of the 2-year old son of a friend who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. The money raised at that tournament allowed dad to take time off work to be with his son during chemotherapy, scans and transfusions, and to spend time with the rest of his family. Nicholas remains in good health and has no evidence of disease!

There are stories like this everywhere, and we were inspired to keep going.  And so the Foundation was formed.

Since then, The Foundation has seen continued to grow and in 2019 our first team of 21 runners raised over $11K.