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Turning Education Dreams Into Reality

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The Greeley Dream Team is a non-profit organization that has worked collaboratively with Greeley-Evans School District 6 since our inception in 1987. Our mission is “To Partner with the Community to Help Children Succeed in School.”

Our organization serves a diverse population of over 1,300 students through programs funded by federal, state, and local grants. The majority of the students we serve are first-generation college students and come from limited-income families. Assistance through our many partnerships allows us to provide a variety of group and one-on-one services that support student success in school.


Our programs include the following:

The Dream Team Program includes four Academic Advisors assigned to the four traditional middle and high schools in the District who work with the more than 700 student participants. A sampling of services provided include: Academic Advising, Fee Waivers, Scholarship Search & Assistance, Mentoring, Summer Program, Field Trips, Grade and Credit Monitoring, Financial Aid and Admission Assistance, Tutoring, and up to a $1,500 Scholarship Opportunity.

The K8 Program is a collaboration between the Greeley Dream Team, Bella Romero Academy 4-8 Campus, Chappelow K-8 Arts Magnet School and Winograd K-8 School to encourage students to stay in school, graduate from high school and plan for a successful future. The program fosters confidence and motivation in its participants by pairing students with an academic Advisor who provides one-on-one support and group activities similar to the Dream Team Program.  Upon completion of 8th grade, students are eligible to enter the Dream Team Program in a District high school.

The Alumni Program is the next step in a Dream Team student’s educational journey to ensure post-secondary retention, college graduation and workforce readiness.  It provides comprehensive, academic support to students achieving their higher education goals and assists in keeping students on track to graduate on time with a post-secondary degree.

Discovery: The Peer Leadership Program, a series of classes taught at Jefferson Alternative High School, is facilitated by The Greeley Dream Team to focus on leadership and peer mediation skills, promoting personal and social responsibility, positive behaviors, team building, and responsible choices. Upon successful completion of the course, students learn methods to mediate conflicts between their peers. This program serves approximately 350 students annually.

In addition to the other programs listed, the Greeley Dream Team partners with the Childcare Center at Jefferson High School, assisting teen parents with enrollment in post-secondary education and necessary support services. This includes a Teen Parent quarter semester, elective course taught by over 14 community agencies, emphasizing knowledge in early childhood development, literacy skills, health and nutrition, and effective parenting skills.