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The Giving Farm

We Harvest Hope!

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The Giving Farm- a place where we value equality, sustainability, and most of all generosity.  We believe everyone, regardless of their location or income, should be able to access and enjoy locally sourced, naturally grown fruits and vegetables for their families.   This is why we are committed to donating 100% of our harvest of chemical free fruits and vegetables to food pantries across the Midwest. 

Your generous donation enables us to purchase the supplies necessary to grow our produce.  We purchase organic fetilizers and pest controls, as well as soil amendments, bees for pollination, packaging and fuel etc.  Our farm and all of it's equiopment has been donated for our use.   Our entire staff is volunteers committed to our mission.  Every cent of money donated directly benefits those in need.   Help is make a difference in the lives of those hungry or food insecure.     Thank you!