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The Dream Never Dies Foundation - In Memory of Lloyd Christopher Skeen


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The Dream Never Dies Foundation in Memory of Lloyd Christopher Skeen is dedicated to fulfilling his dream of increasing financial support for deserving students, particularly in the field of aviation. By awarding scholarships to post-secondary students, the Foundation aims to create opportunities for dreamers in pursuit of their passion.


Before Lloyd passed on, he spoke of his dream to create a scholarship that would assist students who possessed neither the natural academic brilliance nor the financial support that usually carries one through to graduation. He wanted to help students who, like himself, pushed through every challenge through determination and faith.His dream has been fulfilled by the creation of THE DREAM NEVER DIES FOUNDATION in memory of Lloyd Christopher Skeen.

It is our dream that the benefits to young people will assist them to excel. There is a lot be done, the work never ends, and we need your support. Our Foundation needs families and friends to continue the work so the Dream will Never Die.