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The Citizen Science Lab

The Citizen Science Lab is a nonprofit hands-on laboratory where inquisitive minds and science-enthusiasts can explore the life sciences. We are open to everyone to observe and analyze through discovery based learning and STEM enrichment.

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Founded in 2015, The Citizen Science Lab is a nonprofit and community life sciences laboratory dedicated to discovery-based learning, STEM enrichment, and scientific inquiry.

We are open to everyone to observe and analyze through discovery-based learning and STEM enrichment. We primarily offer youth-based programs throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area - ranging from homeschool day classes, weekend workshops, summer camps, and innovative, afterschool STEM programs. Our labs and equipment are also accessible to learners and scientists of many ages through membership to work on their own DIY projects and any science and STEM competition projects.

Since our founding in 2015 we continually work  to increase access to the fields of biomedicine, biotechnology, and robotics. Many of our initiatives emphasize increasing interest in STEM among minority groups as we bridge the gap between academia and the communities we serve. The Citizen Science Lab’s initiatives range from the SeaPerch underwater robotics program, to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones), to Microbial Fuel Cells. Over the past 4 years our students have presented their research in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science and the International Genetic Engineering Machine competition in Boston, Massachusetts.

The CSL’s Hill District and South Hills locations offer summer camps, after school programs, homeschool and weekend workshops, and birthday parties for youth. Our community outreach programs partner with schools, after school providers, and regional youth-serving agencies, to provide workshops at our laboratory locations and their sites. Our labs are also available for monthly memberships which offer access to laboratory equipment for use in independent projects.

Since our founding, The CSL has served over 4,000 students through more than a dozen programs and initiatives. We have facilitated STEM workshops at 50 regional schools, 75% of which are public or charter, and have offered sessions in collaboration with over 60 extracurricular agencies and partners. Moreover, our assessments show that 85% of participants demonstrate an increase in subject knowledge over the course of our programs. We are excited to debut several new subject areas in the upcoming year including the Amgen Biotech Experience, aquaponics, and physics lessons.

Involvement and support from individuals, corporate sponsors, and foundations is essential to making The Citizen Science Lab’s mission possible and ensuring young scientists have access to meaningful STEM opportunities.

Investing in budding and enthusiastic scientists now can help us strengthen STEM and STEAM opportunities for Pittsburgh's future. Join us in our quest to observe, experiment, analyze, and discover!