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The Bloc

The Bloc uses the sport of boxing to provide resources and opportunities to Chicago's youth.

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In Chicago, violence is fueled by hopelessness. Teens disheartened by generational poverty and the trauma of community violence are turning to the streets. The Bloc brings hope to our city. Our mission: Use the discipline of boxing to provide Chicago teens with academic and social resources to positively impact their communities.

We are not a boxing club. Boxing attracts teens least likely to join tutoring and mentoring groups—those who want to fight. These are the young people often excluded from, uninterested in, or ineligible to participate in traditional outlets. Without a sense of belonging, an outlet for aggression, or pathway to success, these teens are often drawn to the street life.

Empowered by a new passion, teens meet with mentors who help students set rigorous academic and social goals. Before training throughout the week, fighters complete homework or academic skill-building assignments to pursue their goals. Weekly, they check in with mentors to discuss their progress and troubleshoot their setbacks. This helps illuminate their path to success.

Results: Since launching as an after-school program in 2014, The Bloc has served over 400 students on Chicago's West Side. We have maintained 100% high school graduation and college acceptance rates since opening. 

Kids who come to The Bloc to learn to fight end up learning how to fight for success.

We hope you join the fight.