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The Blessing Box Inc

We are Compassion in Action

www.theblessingbox.org Tax ID 80-0466291


Our mission is to inspire, nurture and empower the human spirit by providing charitable assistance, social services and emotional/spiritual support to individual and their families.  The Blessing Box is designed around loving our neighbor with a focus on our own communities. The Blessing Box started with the awareness  that there are many unspoken and unrecognized needs of individuals right in our own backyards.  We believe that social workers, nurses, teachers, principals, pastors and other community based individuals know the needs of the people and community they serve best.  We work with our trusted community partners to reach those with unmet needs.

 We intend to alleviate suffering of those that have experienced an unexpected illness, tragedy, loss or difficulty. In the midst of sadness and suffering, there are very few organizations provide tangible and immediate help for everyday needs.  The Blessing Box intends to bridge that gap through intentional acts of kindess. 

We are a charity designed to bless the giver through service and the recepient by meeting a core need. Our Blessing Boxes serve as a vessel of hope to the person that receives it and inspires the person that gives it. This cycle of generosity is created through compassion in action.