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The Becky Baker Foundation

We provide free mammograms and thermograms for those who cannot afford the screening.

www.beckybakerfdn.org Tax ID 84-2047492


We believe that the best way to beat breast cancer is by preventing breast cancer. The most effective means to this end is with annual thermograms or mammograms. The BBF offers these services free of charge to those who cannot afford them.

We want to educate every woman in America about the importance of preventing breast cancer in their bodies. Our foot-in-the-door is our free screening offer. This is the first step for many women, and once they actually move forward with their checkup, we offer them the continuing education they need to take care of their body and most likely avoid breast cancer in the future. We also offer continuing education for the male loved-ones of all women. We have learned that most men do not have a working understanding of breast cancer and how this evil disease infects so many women.