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The Ballet and Movement School with Emily Anton

TBAMS is professional ballet


Vision Statement: making ballet and movement accessible to the people of San Juan County

Mission Statement: to provide high quality dance and movement education and performance to San Juan Island

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

1 .Foster community involvement and pride in local dance by establishing a professional dance studio on San Juan Island that will

        -serve as a locus for classical dance training and   performance

         -periodically produce high quality, professional ballet performances in collaboration with local theatres

2. To foster a love for and appreciation of the art of ballet by

           -Providing professional ballet and body movement instruction to children and adults in San Juan county, WA, including to children of financially disadvantaged families who might not otherwise experience classical dance

          -bringing professional guest dance instructors from off-island to supplement regular dance training to enrich the styles and role-models provided to our students