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The Albright Community Theatre

Bringing the love of theatre to our community for over 45 years


The Albright Theatre first opened its doors under the name of The Albright Theatre Company in April of 1974, with a membership of five people and an audience of eight.  From our first show "Star Spangled Girl" performed in an old converted church in Warrenville to our current theatre above the Batavia Government Center, the Albright has proven that we are a strong and resilient company. We have weathered many storms, including a fire that destroyed everything, the passing of some key members, and the need to relocate a grand total of eight times.

We have continued to grow and change over the years, but one thing that has remained the same is our passion for theatre.  We are proud to encourage the love of the dramatic arts in our community, and to be a place where people can participate in and learn about theatre both on and off the stage.