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The Tiller Foundation

Exploring meaningful ways that conscious intention can create a promising future to benefit all

http://www.tillerfoundation.org Tax ID 47-5005677


The Tiller Foundation mission is to preserve, advance and promote the Psychoenergetic Science research of Dr. William A Tiller by providing solutions to human challenges and developing tools for enhancing the consciousness of humankind.


- Preserve the legacy of Dr Tiller's work and help expand the field of Psychoenergetic Science

- Expand The Tiller Foundation laboratory to conduct upcoming studies targeting individuals and groups for health improvement, crime reduction in communities and increase global consciousness.

- All of Dr Tiller's notes and papers need to be archived and protected. Your gift helps preserve his 50+ years of Psychoenergetic Science research.

- Help to create a Psychoenergetic Science course of study with a major USA University to facilitate the expansion of Dr Tiller's work to benefit the world.

- Create an Endowment  in Dr Tiller name at a major USA University to support not only a chair of Psychoenergetic Science but to provide funding for up and coming Psychoenergetic Science researchers.