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Special Forces Association, Chapter VI's Fundraiser:

The Mackall Competition

Special Forces Association, Chapter VI's Photo
Special Forces Association, Chapter VI's Photo
Special Forces Association, Chapter VI's Photo
Special Forces Association, Chapter VI's Photo
Special Forces Association, Chapter VI's Photo


We are Green Beret’s, but we were once teenagers. Green Beret is the colloquial term for a Special Forces soldier. A green beret is a hat, unless you earn it in the Special Forces Qualification Course in which case it is much more than just a hat. It’s a symbol of the best soldiers in the world, famous for their ability to go anywhere and accomplish any mission.

Because we were once teenagers, and perhaps (probably) not the most well-behaved teenagers, we understand very well how strong mentorship can positively influence young people. We also understand that many of today’s programs for young people have been … how to say it … over-safetied.  As a result, they have lost some of their intensity.

Young people (and lots of other folks too) inherently crave intensity. We know. Did I mention that we were once teenagers?  In addition to having once been teenagers, many of us have been Scoutmasters, youth leaders, and coaches of all kinds. 

We understand what it is like to be young and crazy and bored by the stultifying pace of traditional education and training. Because we have learned to do it, we also know what it’s like to channel all that energy into good.

Our military experiences and our leadership experiences have given us a unique understanding of how to control the inner beast. Because we understand this better than most, we are creating a genuinely intense competition for young people. Competing requires grit, intensity and significant training ahead of time on the required skills. The training period is mentored by men who served in Special Forces  (Green Beret’s) and the competition is run by those same Green Beret’s.

Our goal in the training and mentorship is to develop leadership, character, civic engagement, outdoor skills, and physical fitness in the participants.

What is this competition?

The Mackall Competition is an intense two-day competition that includes a shooting competition, an adventure race, and a civic engagement competition. The Mackall Competition is modeled on the Sandhurst competition run by West Point. Sandhurst is an international military competition for university level military cadets and students. Mackall is an adventure and civics competition for high school students.

The Mackall Competition starts with an NRA/CMP air rifle competition. Following that, there an endurance/adventure race where leadership, teamwork, and fieldcraft skills are tested to the max. After that, there is a civic engagement competition where teams test their civic knowledge and present a civic engagement project that they have completed before arrival at t the competition.

Before the students get to the competition, they will have trained on leadership, first aid, and fieldcraft. They will also have completed a civic engagement project as a team.

During the run-up to the competition, a Green Beret mentor will sponsor the team and assist with the training.

There is more information about the competition on the Facebook page at

This fundraising request is for the seed round of funds for the competition.  We will conduct additional fund raising as we scale the competition up. 

We will use the money raised to provide equipment to the teams, build an air rifle range, acquire equipment necessary for the clompetition, and conduct the first competition. 

Name Note: The name of The Mackall Competition is taken from Camp Mackall. Camp Mackall is where all Green Beret’s go for training.


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