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The Future Foundation

Creating a Future Worth Fighting For

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Our History: The Future Foundation began in 2012. Back then we were just one program offered at the Boys and Girls Center and ran by one volunteer. Since 2016 we have grown to activate more than 3,000 'Future Adults', who are empowering their families and communities through our trauma-informed approach to social justice, community activism, and resource regeneration. 

We've been the only free, trauma-informed, drop-in program for teens and their families in the entire Ward 8 region for as long as we can remember.

Our Statistics: The Ward 8 region of Washington, D.C. has the most school-aged children, low-income families, and teen-aged mothers in the Nation’s Capital. We also have the least grocery stores, business franchises, and job opportunities city-wide. Our work reaches more than 33 local neighborhoods- and our budget is less than $50,000 each year. 

Our Approach:

We teach Political Education- On our terms, that includes an in-depth understanding of oppression based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, political identity, citizenship, socio-economic status, and HIV/AIDS status. We accomplish the task with relatable and practical activities that also address literacy and comprehension gaps.

We are Trauma-Informed - Within the organization, we have an understanding that trauma happens everywhere. Thus, our drop-in center has become a safe space for future adults- curated and facilitated by adults who have been certified in mental health first aid. Our center provides youth with the space to enjoy being a teenager, while exploring solutions to common community problems and learning to define home economics, safety, community, and family for themselves.

We do Community Activism- Anacostia and Washington, DC have deep connections to activism. From civil rights to marriage rights- from voting laws to education policy- our 'Future Adults' study the history of activists, politicians and community leaders to identify the wins that resonate within our community and to 'be the change' they wish to see.


The Future Foundation exists to empower Ward 8 youth to address the trauma that they themselves, their families and their communities experience. We've organized with teen peers in New Mexico, we've marched for climate justice, we've created petitions- and we are always a presence so that our future adults can speak for themselves and our community. 

We offer these activities for free to teenagers and youth in our community. Not only do we feed and support their safe travel to our center, but we also provide direct routes to entrepreneurship, literacy, positive peer-to peer development, family support, and alternatives to criminal susceptibility.

Our Future Adults already have the desire to make positive life choices and to become leaders in their community. Our vision for the future of this organization includes 'future adults' who share and execute the trauma-informed organizing, advocacy, and wellness strategies they have learned with their community members.