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The Foundation For Community Development And Empowerment

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The Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment’s (FCDE) philosophy is deeply rooted in and committed to positive sustainable development practices that uplift communities and make comprehensive and lasting change. FCDE empowers communities to direct and achieve their own development objectives by increasing the capacity of the organizations already working in the region. FCDE’s unique and innovative approach ensures that local organizations garner the necessary tools and skills to strengthen the work that they do in their communities. FCDE sees people as key agents of change in their communities and that this ‘community knowledge’ is key to promoting sustainable localized development practices. We use the embedded knowledge, established institutions and best practices of professionals in the region as a starting point for our work.


In order to provide broad based community development and high impact, FCDE partners with local NGO/CBOs who work in at least one of our seven core target areas; health, small business development, women’s empowerment, HIV and AIDS, environment, education and social justice. We draw upon a number of tools and processes to help each of our local partner organizations (LPOs) build their internal capacity including; skill building workshops, individualized organizational support, placement of international interns, institutional self-assessment administration, grant making, identification of funding opportunities, and the use of a Resource Center for community members.