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The Dear Santa Society

A Community of Caring People Who Care About Their Community

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The primary mission of the Dear Santa Society is to provide toys, clothing, and food during the Christmas Season for children of families who need assistance due to conditions that  do not allow the guardians of the children to provide for themselves.  The goal of the Dear Santa Society is to ensure that each child in the family, who ever they may be, has a smile on their face on Christmas morning.  Since the Christmas Season is a time of giving and receiving, and sharing in  the notion of peace and goodwill to all,  the Dear Santa Society has set it's goals with the idea of promoting these sentiments through out the community.  Getting the community aware of the hardships many families face through out the year, and which become most acute during the Christmas Season, is a mission we share.  We want to bring together a community of caring people who care about helping others in their communities. We want to help bring the spirit of the Christmas Season alive for those who think that the Holiday Season holds little promise.  The ultimate mission of The Dear Santa Society is to help keep the promise of the Christmas Season alive by creating happy holiday memories for those special children of our communities. 

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