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The Bullock Garden Project, Inc.

Plant Seeds, Grow Futures!


Kensington, Philadelphia has been shoved into the international spotlight because of the part it plays in America's opioid epidemic. However what the spotlight hasn't illuminated is the impact this crisis has on every day families living in this neighborhood.

The community has been plagued with drug paraphernalia. It has swamped the streets so severely that local children cannot play safely on their own block.
These residents plead and pray for a safe and sacred space for their children to flourish in.
Join our community and GROW THE FUTURE with us! This is a collaborative effort between @thesacredseeds and @bullockgarden so we can educate, motivate, and grow in Philadelphia.


Every $20 donor will receive a FREE Grow the Future shirt!Every $50 donor will receive the shirt AND an autograph from CJ Sapong!Every $100 donor will receive the shirt, autograph, and be entered to win an autographed Chicago Fire jersey from CJ!

100% of EVERY tax-free donation goes directly to the #GrowTheFuture project. Every donation helps!

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