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American Monument Project

Preserving American History through Protection, Education, and Legislation.

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Who we are

The American Monument Project has been formed to take action against the erosion of our American history. Our goal is to work with Law Enforcement and local organizations throughout the country to protect our historical resources through preservation, education, and legislation. If a monument is in danger of being destroyed, we will protect it. If a monument has been vandalized, we will restore it. If a monument is taken down, we will relocate it.

The story of America is rich, full of good and evil, love and hate, war and peace. Like any story it is imperfect because it is filled with imperfect people. We look back with pride at our achievements and shame at our failures, but those achievements and failures combine to make us who we are as a nation. They define our culture.

Our great American story is under attack. It is being chipped away bit by bit, and we cannot let that continue. The story must be protected, preserved, and taught so we can use the successes and failures of our ancestors to create a better future together.

If we lose our history we lose our culture, our identity as Americans of all kinds. Without that identity we are a people without a purpose or a future. We have nothing left to fight for. We are no longer United.

Call to action

The success of the American Memorial Project relies solely on you! It will require action and participation from our friends around the country who care about preserving our history. If a statue in Boston needs to be protected, then all AMP members in Boston will mobilize to protect! If the Galveston Historical Society needs help with an outreach program, AMP Galveston will mobilize to teach! If a tombstone in Sacramento has been vandalized, AMP Sacramento will mobilize to restore! Please join the groups in your area to receive localized information when it is available.

This only works if we unite as Americans, so I ask you to join us, and reach out to your friends to join as well. The more people we have around the country the more successful we will be.

Let’s work together to make sure that our history never fades away.