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The Teresa Group

Supporting children and their families affected by HIV.

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For nearly 30 years, The Teresa Group has been a place of community and safety for kids living with and affected by HIV. Dr. Stanley Read, retired pediatric HIV specialist at The Hospital for Sick Children and longtime friend of The Teresa Group, attributes successful HIV treatment to 20% medication and 80% support. We strive to be that 80%.

Most of the families we serve are newcomers to Canada. Often coming as refugees fleeing situations of violence and war. Families are deeply affected by poverty, inadequate housing, food insecurity as well as the added fear of discrimination and isolation due to HIV-related stigma. To mitigate the impact of poverty we provide a range of practical supports including diapers, grocery cards, emergency food supplies, transit tokens, new and gently used clothing and backpacks containing school supplies.

Though there have been incredible strides in the treatment of HIV, stigma is still a daily reality for our families. To alleviate the stress faced by our families as they navigate through their often complex lives, we offer an array of emotional supports including therapeutic groups for children and adolescents, peer support groups for parents, counselling and case management.

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