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TeenSHARP’s mission is to prepare talented, low-income, African American and Latinx students to attend and thrive at our nation’s top colleges. This mission is in service of a bold vision that one day the diversity of those occupying our nation’s highly-skilled jobs and highest leadership positions will be as rich as the diversity of our population.

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Founded in 2009, TeenSHARP has evolved into a leading provider of innovative, at-scale college access and success support in the Delaware Valley region (including Delaware, Philadelphia, and southern New Jersey). TeenSHARP uses proven techniques refined over the past 10 years to bridge disparities in college access for low-income students and students of color. At TeenSHARP, we know that students are capable of so much more than our education system and society is expecting of them; that is why we have designed a high-touch, high-intensity program model that supports students in getting to and through college with academic coaching, leadership training, career preparation, and support from peers, alumni of the program, and professional staff.