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Teens for Food Justice

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Teens For Food Justice is building a new generation of food justice activists and leaders — inspired and equipped to work together to build an equitable and sustainable approach to food. 

Through our flagship program, Teens For Food Justice, teen volunteers work together to build and manage hydroponic farms in schools that grow food for families of underserved, food desert communities. 

The farms serve as hubs for information and resources for healthier eating and living for residents, helping to fight diseases related to poor nutrition and obesity. The teens study these issues and collaborate with multiple community partners to increase healthy food access, improve nutrition and boost sustainable living practices for families struggling with limited budgets. 

Volunteers learn and serve together in a hands-on entrepreneurial environment, gaining the collaborative, critical-thinking skills needed by tomorrow’s leaders and developing an ongoing commitment to lasting social change.

In the long-run, Teens for Food Justice works with schools to mobilize communities towards activism around food justice issues. As the program grows over the next five years, expanding to new schools throughout the city, dozens of teens each year will gain concrete knowledge of urban agriculture and food justice and skills in community-organizing and advocacy that they can bring back to their own communities