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Teen Lifeline is a 24/7/365 confidential crisis hotline for teens, answered by teens. These trained teen peer counselors, supervised by a Master's level clinician, help their peers by call and text daily from 3 - 9 p.m. at 602-248-8336. Teen Lifeline also provides awareness, prevention, and postvention within the community through our Prevention Education, Outreach, Student ID Initiative, and eLearning services.

www.TeenLifeline.org Tax ID 86-0966427


Our mission is to prevent teen suicide by enhancing resiliency in youth and fostering supportive communities. We envision a world where all youth possess a sense of connectedness and hope for the future.


Research shows that teens will go to other teens for help before they go to an adult. That’s why at Teen Lifeline, our crisis hotline is answered by trained teen volunteers. Our hotline assists troubled youth throughout Arizona and is answered 24/7/365, with Peer Counseling and text messaging services available from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily. The hotline is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. All of our trained Peer Counselors are supervised by a Master’s level clinician at all times.

LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Before they can answer a call for help, our volunteers go through over 72 hours of life skills training. This training prepares them for problems teens will call about on the hotline as well as problems they will face in their own lives. While a minimum of 15 hours of service a month is required, many of the teens far exceed that commitment, with the average length of volunteer service being 3 years.

PREVENTION EDUCATION & OUTREACH: The goal of prevention education is to provide awareness, prevention, and postvention services within the community. Our Master’s degree staff conduct workshops that spread our name and hotline number, while educating the community on how to recognize and respond to suicide risk. Our services are provided to schools, agencies and the community at large.

SCHOOL ID INITIATIVE: The School ID Initiative fosters a sense of connectedness and hope on school campuses statewide. With our hotline information on the back of more than 270,000 student IDs at over 225 schools statewide, students have easy, immediate access to help. But more than that, they have a sense that their school is committed to providing support, care, and a connection to hope.