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For Teens, By Teens

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The objective of Trackside Teen Center is to promote healthy age-appropriate development for teens and pre-teens in Wilton. This is achieved by providing an environment designed to develop positive social skills and social competence, foster moral development, and enhance self-esteem - all of which are related to reduced risk-taking behavior, academic success, and healthy interpersonal relationships. 

Acting as a hub within the community of teen activity - designed by teens and for teens - Trackside provides ample opportunity for teens to engage in healthy alternative activities. From open hours and afterschool activities to weekend events, Trackside supports Wilton teens in developmental tasks by providing them a place within the community, other than home and school, where they can be involved in healthy socialization and gain experience in participating as a citizen in a productive manner.

Trackside is a venue that stands against the illegal use of alcohol and illicit drugs and seeks to be an arena that advocates and advances the efforts of the community to reduce teens' participation in such activities. Trackside exists as a safe zone where teens can build social relationships and have fun in a safe, alcohol and drug free environment