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Tech Tools for 4th Graders

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*About Me*

Hi there! My name is Millie, or Mrs. Craig. I am a teacher wishing to change the world, one 4th grader at a time! I am just completing my first year of teaching 4th grade at Michael T. Simmons Elementary School in Tumwater, WA. I earned two degrees through Central Washington University- Elementary Education and Middle Level Mathematics & Science Education.

I absolutely love incorporating technology in every way possible. As a new teacher, I am full of ambition to provide my students with the best tools and resources that will help them succeed. YOU can help me do that.

*What is My Project?*

My goal is to raise enough money to purchase a Mobi View Interactive board for my classroom. Mobi View is a handheld interactive whiteboard (created by eInstruction) that I can control from anywhere in the classroom with the touch of a finger. Mobi View not only allows me to engage students through technology, but gives me mobility. I am not the type to be sitting at the front of the room all day, but my whiteboard restricts my freedom to move about the room and reach individuals who need the most assistance. The Mobi View would allow me to move freely around the classroom and interact with all students. The Mobi View allows me to write any sort of question on the handheld device to be projected on the screen at the front of the room. I would also have the ability to pull up any webpages, notes, or documents for student viewing. Did you know that the Mobi View even allows me to take pictures of student work and store it in the Mobi View's memory, to be transferred to my computer? What a wonderful way to collect evidence of student learning!

*Why should you help me fund raise for the Mobi View?*

Have you heard about WA state's budget cuts? Education has been hit hard. Under the new agreement, pay for K-12 teachers will be cut 1.9 percent and for school administrative staff by 3 percent over the next two years, saving $179 million. Other cuts to K-12 education include suspending two initiatives dealing with teacher pay and class sizes worth $1.2 billion. An additional $215 million is saved by eliminating other money to reduce K-4 class sizes. As a first year teacher, my meager salary is being cut to the bone. Due to these changes, students will not be receiving the same quality education. By implementing more technology in my classroom, I can better reach all students.

Have I mentioned how much I love technology? In fact, I would like to earn my Master's Degree in technology. Implementing technology in my classroom will provide me with more experience and resources to share with colleagues now as a teacher, and in the future as an expert in the field of education technology.

Michael T. Simmons Elementary does not have a media specialist. There is no instructional time in the day for technology. Therefore, students do not acquire basic technology skills under teacher influence in our K-6 school. The Mobi View will equip my 4th graders' with technology skills, which are essential in today's ever changing world.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my project. My fourth graders and I appreciate your contribution to their success!



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