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TeamWoodside is a community of people who participate in endurance event programs for charity to raise money for "Kids At Risk" in India and Thailand. TeamWoodside invites you into something extraordinary . . . a journey that will change your life and provide protection for children that will forever change their lives.


TeamWoodside is a community of people helping each other cross the finish line while raising funds to protect Orphans. Why Orphans? Over 2 million Akha people live in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Southern China. Akha orphans are victims of the Southeast Asia sex slave trade. TeamWoodside partners with the Thailand Orphanage, offering a safe and caring environment for orphans. Every child deserves a safe home. The Thailand Orphanage helps to create fullness of life for children in need. How Does It Work? TeamWoodside equips people to make a huge impact on protecting orphans through endurance events, while inviting people into personal journeys of health, physical fitness, and community. Many people want to get in shape and do it for a cause, but donât know where to start. TeamWoodside offers a fun and powerful way for people to tackle both. TeamWoodside members do two things: train for the race and raise funds for orphans. TeamWoodside provides training programs and resources, as well as a personal fundraising webpage to help. TeamWoodside provides group training, offering team members a place to invite friends and get involved in a healthy activity.