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EVENT DATE: Apr 19, 2015

Jeff "JW" Williams is one of those people you can't help liking as soon as you meet him. A genuine, kind, stand-up guy, equal parts goofy and courageous. (And hungry. Pretty much always hungry.)

In October 2014, Jeff was diagnosed with a very rare cancer at the age of 34. This news has obviously come as a huge blow to the Williams family - especially his lovely wife and three little girls - and the countless friends that they have collected through every stage of life.The doctors have given Jeff a terminal diagnosis. We hope like hell that they are wrong and want to do something to show our love and support for this amazing family.

On the weekends, the adventurous Williams family can usually be found outside on a hike or exploring some unlikely corner of Washington D.C. In tribute to Jeff and his family's love of the outdoors, Team Williams is hosting a virtual event on Saturday, April xx, 2015. On this day relatives and friends across the country will engage in Jeff's favorite outdoor activities, individually or in groups.

This event will raise money for...

We hope you will join in as part of a fundraising team or donate to this cause. We can't wait to flood the Williams inbox on April xx with Team Williams photos from all over.