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Team Velvet Inc.

Team Velvet, Inc. is a New Jersey non-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing proven and effective psychological counseling for 5 to 12 year old children with trauma, often at little or no cost to the family.

https://www.teamvelvet.com/ Tax ID 26-2167394


Each day there is a child who experiences the death of a loved one, witnesses violence, is victimized by crime or intense bullying, disfigured by an accident, or other countless events - all resulting in severe childhood trauma.  In the extreme, child trauma may cause flashbacks, blackouts, and may result in severe and harmful physical behavior.

Team Velvet, Inc. provides multi-modal horse therapy for traumatized children ages 5-12 years with psychologist Dr. Susan Edwards.  Therapy horses may be involved in interactive games, kick a soccer ball, dance or be taught liberty performance.  Children do not ride the horses; they interact while working toward goals of increased self-esteem and resiliency.

Our successful, continuing counseling service is located on our farm in Flemington, NJ.