Team Up for Team Joseph 2017 Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Nov 04, 2017

Team Up for Team Joseph was born as a regional fundraising CrossFit competition in Chatham, New Jersey, 40-minutes west of New York City. This year, we are inviting CrossFitters from anywhere to participate remotely - all in an effort to benefit Team Joseph!


Team Up for Team Joseph started as a competition pitting teams from the surrounding northern Jersey boroughs of Madison, Summit, Chatham and Morristown in an event called The Battle of the Boroughs.  The name has changed now that we’re expanding to CrossFit gyms all over the country, but the goal remains the same – to raise critical funding to find a cure or a treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Duchenne is a devastating degenerative disease that affects young boys, robbing them of their muscle function, typically leaving them wheelchair-bound by middle school, attacking their heart and lungs by the late teens, and giving them a life expectancy in their early 20’s.  Currently, there is no treatment, but we are going to help change that!