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Family Encouragement 2010

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EVENT DATE: Dec 01, 2010

Bob Streater


Born to a fourteen-year-old mother in Richmond, Virginia, Bob learned early in life how to navigate the hurdles and many challenges that life brings. As child, Bob loved the outdoors. When he was 8 years old, he was playing near a pile of leaves one autumn afternoon. His uncle set fire to the leaves to burn them. Unknown to his uncle, young Bob's legs caught on fire. He was hospitalized, had numerous surgeries, skin grafts, and was told that he may not ever walk again. At the young age of 8 years, he grabbed hold of faith and a strong determination to walk. Through prayer, family support and a God-sent nurse that took care of him and everyday instilled in him that they were going to take away the "'t", so whenever Bob said that he can't" walk, the nurse had him to change it to "I can" do it. Those principles have resonated with him throughout his life.

Ultimately, he overcame his challenge and not only started walking, but began to run in high school. He became so fast that he caught the attention of the track coach who encouraged him to try out for the team. He made it, and went on to become the co-captain. The legs that the doctors once said may not ever enable him to walk, were the same legs that afforded him to run in college on a track scholarship!


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