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Enriching Veteran Lives

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.


Team RWB Eagles number more than 110,000, in over 180 locations. Throughout 2015, we experienced an average of 100 new members a DAY.  Our membership is open to anyone who has served, is serving or has a heart to support veterans.  We are changing communities across America by a positive focus on health, people and purpose.  Our Eagles seek to the better themselves by aspiring to live by our Eagle Ethos of People, Community, Passion, Commitment, Positivity, and Camaraderie.  To learn more or join our Team go to .

For our members that support our programs through fundraising, we offer the opportunity to earn exclusive Team RWB branded Nike gear.  

RED Tier: Raise more than $250 for a single event on Crowdrise in 2016 and earn Nike performance top

WHITE Tier: Raise more than $750 for a single event on Crowdrise in 2016 and earn Nike performance jacket

BLUE Tier: Raise more than $1,500 for a single event on Crowdrise in 2016 and earn $150 Team RWB Store Gift Card or a Race Entry (up to $150)

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Pick your event for 2016 to support ENRICH the lives of Veterans, then engage your networks for donations.  More information about this promotion can be found at this link. 

More about us:

Team RWB Chapters and Communities
Our chapters and communities deliver consistent, local opportunities for veterans and the community to connect through physical and social activity. They host weekly fitness activities, monthly social events, and participate in local races and events together. These programs are at the core of Team RWB’s mission.


Our Leadership Development Program will be an area of aggressive growth over the next few years.  Our model is predicated on strong leadership.  As such, we are making a commitment to not only harvest, but to grow strong leaders.  We’ve built a multi-tiered program that allows both broad access to the program and a robust experience for a select number of veterans.  This important investment consists of:  high-quality education/training, mentorship, internal and external leadership experiences, and some great tools. 

Our Veteran Athletic Camps are tremendous opportunities for veterans to learn a new sport/activity that they can take home to their local chapter. They are led and coached by world-class athletes and renowned experts and are built to inspire veterans to commit to their own health and fitness.

Tax ID: 27-2196347


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